Harinui Farm is located on Waupoos Island in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

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Waupoos Island is a kilometer off the shores of the Hamlet of Waupoos in Prince Edward County.

Harinui Farm is a family run farm that has operated on Waupoos Island since 1980.

At present, we are the only farm on the island, but at one time there were over 7 in operation. A portion of these were dairy farms and most of their product was turned into cheese to facilitate transport to the mainland.

The old cheese factory still stands at the edge of the camp by the public dock. There was also a school on the island for the kids living on the island, but the building is no longer standing.

Currently, the island is the holiday home to over 1500 ewes and about 2500 lambs in the summertime. The sheep are led over to the island across the ice in early March and in May the lambs are born.

July brings shearing where all 1500 ewes get their wool shorn. The wool is bailed and may possibly end up in the next pair of wool socks you buy. In August, we begin to barge the lambs off the island for market.

The ewes stay on the island until November when we barge them off for winter feeding on our main land farm.